Welcome to Gatortraks Studio.

More than just a studio for hire …

Gatortraks is a private project recording studio owned by Dave Modisette, A short drive from the city of Tampa in Brandon, Florida, Gatortraks has been a haven for his artistic creativity as well as a means of service to clients ranging from local celebrities and organizations to nationally known corporate entities

When you visit Gatortraks you will find a modest but comfortable two room facility equipped with ample amounts of familiar professional quality equipment including recording staples such as Neumann U87, GT66 and Audio Technica mics as well as mic preamps by Avalon, Joe Meek, Universal Audio and Vintech. Alongside the 13ft x 17ft control room and composition suite you will see a sonically neutral Iso booth for quality vocal and instrumental tracks as well as overdubs.

Our clients find that a project studio can be the best recording value around because of the flexibility in scheduling and savings in production costs. Our smaller facility means that everything is usually at an arms reach and set up and ready to go within a few minutes. This allows us to move fast here and this efficiency translates to more time spent on your performance, lower costs or the sooner you see final results.

When you come to Gatortraks, your project becomes our project and not just a means of booking billable hours in order to make payroll and cover expenses. Whether it has been an album produced as an Indie record label release, a soundtrack for a local theater group, an accompaniment soundtrack for a public relations effort of a very well known red headed, hamburger selling clown or even a Christmas present, every project has been treated with the utmost respect and care.

Now our facility as well as our talent, leadership, project management abilities along with thirty plus years of musical experience are being offered for service to those who have an artistic dream or a musical vision and would like to take the next step and watch it come to life.

Email us at inquires [at] gatortraks [dot] com