Terms of Service

1) Gatortraks is a non-smoking facility.  There is a limited amount of space to comfortably seat visitors so we encourage you to come only with essential personnel.  Non-adult artists require an accompanying adult to be present.

2) Drugs and Alcohol use before or during the session will likely not be tolerated.  If you seem impaired then the session will not continue.

3) Session fees start at the scheduled time agreed upon unless changed NLT 24 hours in advance.

4) Block rates require the time booked to be used on the scheduled date otherwise standard rates apply.  The exception would be if the session exceeded the 4 hour block requirement.  IOW, a six hour block that only used four hours would still get the 4 hour block rate.

5) Payment for time used is due at the end of each session.  Credit can be extended by means of credit card payments through Paypal.

6) Credit card payments through the Paypal service will require an additional 3% charge to cover the Paypal Fees.

7) No recorded media will leave the studio unless all studio time fees are paid up to date.

8) Daily rough mixes are not finished products and do not have our permission to publish them online or distribute them in any way.

9) Terms of service may be changed by Gatortraks and published here on this site without notice.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our terms of service.

Email: inquiries [at] gatortraks [dot] com


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