At Gatortraks we specialize in working one on one with single artists and songwriters giving them the attention and patience they need. Whether you are an amateur or seasoned pro, you will never feel rushed or judged by your experience level or professional status. We know that the music is the important thing and we want to make it a satisfying, fun filled experience.

Soundtrack composition and arranging:

We can create music for your poem or lyrics. We can help you arrange your music and get it down on paper for copyright purposes or publishing. You don’t even have to play an instrument. All you have to do is sit down with us and sing your song and we will harmonize the melody and create an arrangement in any style you want.

Duets, Trio, Quartets:

If you have a singing group or you are a soloist and merely want to add your vocals over the top of your CD soundtracks , we can handle everything for you. From getting necessary mechanical rights or copyright permissions, we can handle it all. We can even lower the key on some tracks by a half step to make it easier to sing in some cases.

Session Musicians:

If you have friends who you wish to have on your recording, they are welcome to come and play. That said, you will be (in good conscience) advised when they are costing more in production costs than hiring a professional player. If you don’t have back up musicians, we can provide good competent players that are highly qualified and a pleasure to work with. In fact with the new abilities that the Internet brings to the table, we have worked with musicians from around the world and never stepped into the same room with them.

Music Production

We can act as producer and completely organize and set up your project from start to finish – hiring musicians as needed, getting permissions for copyrighted music and, arranging for CD duplication. If you wish to act as producer or already have a producer and merely want someone to record your performance we are happy to do that too.

Audition Tapes:

We can record audition tapes for any purpose you might need. If it for a school audition, please let us know and we will work with you on minimum time requirements.

Band Recording:

We are a small private project studio but we have done full band recordings. It takes a bit of planning ahead but we can get the job done for you.

Voice over and message on hold:

Bring your own talent or let us contract it for you. We can help you sell your product while people are waiting for the next available salesman.

NEW!!! SONAR Lessons

If you wish to learn the “Ins and Outs” of SONAR, I can teach you. SONAR operation. How to set up your DAW effectively. Using soft synths. Creating templates. EQ. Compression. How to use reverb, delay, panning, EQ to create a virtual performance space and how your performers relate to this space. One hour lessons- four lesson commitment and you must ne a licensed owner of SONAR.