DESK-H2-V2This is the page where most studios list all their gear in order to convince you that they have more and/or better gear than any other studio around.

It didn’t take me long to realize that as a project studio owner, I would never likely win this contest and at the same time I would give a “break-in artist” a grocery list of goodies to consider stealing.  So I will say this:

I don’t have tons of gear here at Gatortraks but I have plenty enough to do what I need to do and what I have is either, good, very good or excellent quality – all professional caliber.

I have built a roomy, custom recording studio here that is connected to my home but is also adequately isolated with “room inside of a room” construction and a separate HVAC system so that we can work in privacy and comfort without disturbance.

I simply say, contact me and arrange a meeting and you will find that I have all the gear necessary to allow your talent to shine through. But one thing that the others don’t have is me and I when we agree to work on your project together, there is nothing that I won’t do to make you sound as good as you possibly can.

Dave Modisette